13 Oktober 2010



Longing for you day and in dream
I'm hoping you are here and leading my way

You steers my road anytime I need
If you walk away, I will follow you

Trying my life
With your sacred gifts you gave to me
I won't vain and succeed it as your precious soul

Holding your hand
And I'm walking through the all of the world

Carrying your wish like the Venus in the dim sky

[OST Iryu - Team Medical Dragon]

:: Saya suka lyric-nya,,
mencoba mentransformasikan kata "You" menjadi "Rasulullah" dan "sacred gifts" menjadi "wahyu dan sunnah" ^^

2 respon:

hamkanen mengatakan...

wow, dalam 5 menit 3 pos :)

Rachavidya mengatakan...

hahaha tentunya

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