07 Oktober 2008

Software for Killing Malware of Autorun.inf

Firstly, i would like to say thanks to programmer of Autorun Eater Software /*picture above is a symbol of autorun eater*/ http://oldmcdonald.wordpress.com that has built the simple software for protecting computer from autorun.inf /*normally malware*/. This is just simple program that kill and fix several problems from malware of autorun.inf.

Autorun.inf is one of path malware infection to a our computer. It is so familiar with us. I thought, each person who have contact with computer has external data storage, such as flashdisk, external harddisk, etc. This a target of this kind of malware. This is just simple infection but sometime this infection is so disturbing. So, I thought, this is just a simple way to protect our computer without doing real time watching. Why?, because this program will do it for us. There are some scan options and real time protection. So, if you are using this program, don't be shock if there are several times command prompt appears like a blitz.

Honestly, I just try this program. So, I can't say much of its performance. Maybe, I'll show in the other opportunity.

More information : http://oldmcdonald.wordpress.com
Download Autorun Eater (absolutely free) : or Download here

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